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Posted to Encinitas Moonlight Bicycle Ride Facebook Page

We now have a Bicycle Kitchen. Don’t know what a Bicycle Kitchen is? Google it.

The Quail Bicycle Kitchen is a place to come and work on your bike. A bike shop
we are not. Repairing bikes or selling new bikes is not what we are about. A bicycle
kitchen is a unique environment created by the bicycle community wanting to
get out of the car….less carbon footprint … fill in the blank.

Available all the time is…. air, patch kits, tubes, master links and basic tools.
If specific parts are needed let us know in advance ….so we can have
them there when you come. We are here to help you stay on the road. Most of us know
what needs to be done to help you get going again.

You don’t need to have a bike problem to stop by. The crown jewel is our bikes
for you to explore the local routes. This feature is FREE. Walk, run, or drive here.
Borrow a bike and enjoy the area. Have you ever heard of Indian Canyon or where it is?
We do…

So…you ask..” what’s the profit?”. We are bicyclists knowing what it is like out there. e First….we want to have fun and enjoy ourselves Then the profits will come as we accept
o donations including bicycles. We get the donated bikes repaired if needed.
They then become part of our bikes to ride and/or sell. Mainly we want to have a “pit stop”.

Quail Bicycle Kitchen is comfortable ..pretty funky…a lot like a neighborhood garage.

Now ….when are we here?
Permanent hours are: Thurs.-Sat 9-5. But we want this to be pretty loose. Once you are
part of “Our Gang”….hours will be…..sunrise to sunset…..365.

Reply here for more details. Right now we are flying under the radar. As we meet up…the
location, etc will be shared.

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